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Some words about myself...

Growrr the Lion

Hrrrlo! My name is Growrr... and, as you can see, I'm a lion. The full-grown male, with tawny fur and brown mane, about eight and a half feet tall when standing upright, feeling equally comfortable on all fours... imprrressive enough, eh?..

Prrrobably I'll write a bit more about myself soon... and by now, you can look at my Furry Code:
FFL4ad A+ C* D H- M P# R++ T++ W- Z# Sm# RLCT a++ cdn++$ d+ e+++ f-- h- iwf+ j# p sm#

and you can also read my Furvey, posted to the newsgroup.

And, if you're not a squeamish one... welcome to my Trophy Den!